Elegante Diamantes de imitación/Circón con Rhinestone Señoras' Sistemas de la joyería
Color De: Plata

Elegante Diamantes de imitación/Circón con Rhinestone Señoras' Sistemas de la joyería


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Código del producto #167254
Categoría Sistemas de la joyería
Tipo de la joyería Pendientes de gota, Collares pendientes
Los juegos incluyen Collares,Pendientes
Género Señoras'
Beneficiario Ella, Amigos, La dama de honor
Tipo de material Diamantes de imitación, Circón
Piedras Preciosas Rhinestone
Longitud de pendientes 0.98"(Aprox.2.5cm)
Ancho de Pendiente 0.39"(Aprox.1cm)
Pendientes Tipo Perforado
Longitud del collar 17.7"-21.7"(Aprox.45cm-55cm)
Ocasión Aniversario, Boda, compromiso, Cumpleaños, regalos, Fiesta, Ocasiones especiales
Todos los artículos personalizados y de higiene personal son de venta definitiva. Debido a cuestiones de higiene no pueden devolverse ni cambiarse. Ver detalles


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2020-09-24 16:03:52

I bought so many items from JjsHouse & honestly I was a little worried about all of them for different reasons that is until they arrived! Every single item far exceeded my expectations and this was definitely at the top of that list. I think the biggest reason that I worried is because just like with this item the prices were just so much more affordable & customer oriented than just about any where else. So naturally it made me wonder why. Then they came and I realized that this company is just that, Customer based!
It was extremely difficult to tell in this picture with their listed price whether this set would be a beautiful addition to my dress or if it would be no more that costume jewelry meant for my daughter to play with. It is absolutely beautiful and I highly recommend purchasing this set. It is stunning and even my picture does not give just to its true appearance. The little crystal like diamonds go all the way to the back and the main jewels sparkle tremendously. Even though it's not "real' be standard terms, its appearance does resemble high quality so only you will know the price.



2020-09-17 18:36:59

My item was very beautiful, my bride loved it so much!!! Perfect gift for bride on wedding day from groom.