Maravilloso Aleación/Diamantes de imitación Señoras' Sistemas de la joyería
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Maravilloso Aleación/Diamantes de imitación Señoras' Sistemas de la joyería


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Código del producto #94006
Categoría Sistemas de la joyería
Tipo de la joyería Tachonan los pendientes, Collares pendientes
Los juegos incluyen Collares,Pendientes
Género Señoras'
Beneficiario Amigos, La dama de honor
Tipo de material Aleación, Diamantes de imitación
Pendientes Tipo Perforado
Longitud del collar 17.72"(Aprox.45cm)
Ancho de Collar Pendiente 1.97"(Aprox.5cm)
Tipo de cierre collar Corchete de la langosta
Consejos El color de los adornos se muestra como imagen. El collar y los pendientes pueden ser usados ​​juntos o por sí mismos. El color y estilo puede variar según el monitor. No nos responsabilizamos por errores tipográficos o imágenes
Todos los artículos personalizados y de higiene personal son de venta definitiva. Debido a cuestiones de higiene no pueden devolverse ni cambiarse. Ver detalles


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2020-08-23 04:15:06

The jewlery looks absolutely beautiful in person! I was kind of nervous when I received it because of the low price but it's going to work perfect for my wedding! Also the color is spot on to what I was looking for, I was looking for royal blue because those are my colors just all in all it is perfect!



2020-08-08 00:27:10

I purchased jewelry sets for mother of the bride, bridesmaids and myself and we all loved the jewelry!!!



2020-02-18 21:17:03

I bought this set to go with a dress I bought fro JJs House. Very elegant, good quality and adds finishing touches to a beautiful dress



2020-08-30 02:05:42

This a beautiful jewellery set. Chose this as it is the colour scheme of our wedding. I am really impressed at how lovely it is, even better than the photos. Would totally recommend this ite.


2020-06-28 09:17:38

I have brought these for my bridesmaids for my upcoming wedding So far I'm just to gift them go my girls but these will go amazing with there royal blue dresses.


2020-08-02 10:29:14



2020-07-08 11:49:26

Very pretty and looks amazing on


2017-04-07 11:25:36

Beautiful, couldn't have wished for anything more! I will admit I was concerned about the quality because of how reasonable the price is but I am over the moon! Fast delivery too :)


2019-10-07 14:55:44

The quality is very good for the price. The jewelry is extremely pretty.


2019-06-16 09:48:32

Very pretty bought one for each briedsmaid.