Maravilloso Aleación Horquillas con Crystal (Juego de 6)
Color De: Blanco

Maravilloso Aleación Horquillas con Crystal (Juego de 6)


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Plazo de Envío: 2-6 días
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Código del producto #24272
Categoría Horquillas
Ocasión Boda, Ocasiones especiales, Casual, al aire libre, Fiesta
Cantidad (Juego de 6)
Materiales Aleación
Piedras Preciosas Crystal
Longitud 2.60"(Aprox.6.6cm)
Anchura 0.39"(Aprox.1cm)
Consejos El color de los adornos se muestra como representación de imagen, color y estilo puede variar según el monitor
Devoluciones sin ningún compromiso para tallas normales en un plazo de 14 días. Las tallas personalizadas son de venta definitiva. Ver detalles


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2013-11-18 23:16:10

Just received the all the items ordered here and I am thrilled with the hairpins. It is just as the picture showed, and in the correct size for me. not big but not small. Everything it's ok. Very happy on the order


2013-07-24 00:43:03

I ordered 2 set of these crystal wedding bridal pins, the items are all beautiful and they are useful for my wedding. I am glad to make order here. My bridesmaids also say the item is great for hairstyle. Thank you


2016-07-27 09:08:26

These are very pretty. Unfortunately, my hair isn't long enough to hold them so I gave them to my niece. She loves them in her long hair.


2014-04-19 00:29:45

The hairpins are very lovely! The crystal is shiny enough! I am sure that I can make a gorgeous hairstyle with them! Thanks for the wonderful product! I will come back to pick more items!


2013-07-27 02:09:45

I have received the hairpins ordered several days, They are all beautiful, and arrived perfectly! Loved them and they are exactly as described and the picture showed! They will give a gorgeous effect to me!


2013-07-21 00:58:55

very elegant! I bought a dress from this website last month and I purchase this product for my friend. my friends said it was really beautiful! I am sure to purchase next time.


2013-08-05 00:53:04

The small items you sent to me together with my dress really helped me a lot since I had a long hair, it is not easy to handle it well, thanks again.


2013-11-18 00:05:32

the hairpins have just arrived! they are so beautiful! they go with my hair color and my dress well! The price is also great! i like your website, and highly recommended! thanks


2013-07-24 01:44:20

Hi, i've just received the pins. The are really beautiful, and the color is what i expected. i think that it will make me perfect in my big day. Thank you so much.


2013-07-30 00:36:51

The hairpins look really gorgeous, and the crystals are so pretty. The quality seems great. I'm so pleased with the purchase. Please do not hesitate to order them.