Redondo Satén Ramos de novia (vendido en una sola pieza) -
Color De: Champán

Redondo Satén Ramos de novia (vendido en una sola pieza) -

11,00 €

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Código del producto #129740
Categoría Ramos de novia
Ocasión Boda, Fiesta
Forma de Bouquet Redondo
Cantidad (vendido en una sola pieza)
Materiales Satén
Embellecimiento Flor
Diámetro 7.09"(Aprox.18cm)
Devoluciones sin ningún compromiso para tallas normales en un plazo de 14 días. Las tallas personalizadas son de venta definitiva. Ver detalles


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2020-07-27 03:07:58

This bouquet is soooo cute ! I originally purchased for my flower girls ! And they absolutely love it ! Had a slight issue with the colour as I ordered different colour however they all ended up the same colour, not to worry tho customer service was fantastic and reimbursed me straight away ! The details on the bouquet was extremely delicate,great and inexpensive
For any wedding



2020-07-27 03:10:45

Brought this item for my flower girls ! These bouquet is so inexpensive just as a gift for the girls to keep as a thank you gift ! The jewels on the flower make the extra pop ! With the ribbon and handle being sturdy and high quality !
I was a bit skeptic although I'm glad I went ahead with the purchase !



2020-03-14 08:03:02

It is definitely a beautiful job for the price! However, after reading reviews, I realize that there seems to be a color mix up in the description. I needed it burgundy but ordered red based off the reviews. And it is indeed a burgundy color. So just what I needed. I am not sure why the site is turning the pictures sideways though.



2020-09-24 01:24:03

I'm very pleased with the product. I'm going to order two more for my junior bridesmaids to carry. And use one for my throw bouquet.


2019-04-14 20:50:07

These are about 8" high and a little over 7" wide. Arrived in good condition, no fluffing necessary. Foam flowers are the way to go for a realistic look. The handle is wrapped in grey ribbon with some rhinestones.

I also ordered #68416 Charming Round PE Bridal Bouquet -pictured below - it is ivory enough though it is listed as white and won't match these FYI. Returning it.

These are a great buy, glad I got them, wish I'd ordered 2 more. They are absolutely snow white.



2020-04-16 07:50:19

I just love this for my bridemaids. I only purchased two and had to reorder because I came up with another bridemaid and they are so excited to carry them.



2020-06-29 17:41:53

Beautiful it's the white one the red trimming matches so perfect with the bridesmaids it's just enough and great quality for the cost...need to order 7 more.



2020-05-18 18:48:33

These items came in within a couple weeks. First time ordering with them and im am BEYOND happy! They are beautiful and i cant believe how great the quality is. Looking forward to ordering my second order already!! VERY HAPPY!



2020-07-06 06:00:49

I ordered this beautiful bouquet for me and my bridesmaids. They are perfect. They have every color you need and just the right size for the occasion. Thank you JJs house