Transpirable Vestido de novia Funda para Ropa
Color De: Dorado

Transpirable Vestido de novia Funda para Ropa

18,00 €

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Tiempo de Procesamiento: 5-6 días
Plazo de Envío: 2-6 días
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Código del producto #4076
Categoría Funda para Ropa
Comprar por estilo Cubierta para Ropa
Estilo de longitud Vestido de novia
Estilo de Cremallera Cremallera Lateral
Forma de Plegar Doblado
Materiales Tela no tejida
Altura 65"(Aprox.165cm)
Anchura 24"(Aprox.60.69cm)
Profundidad 3"(Aprox.7.62cm)
Consejos Esta bolsa es ideal para el almacenamiento y transporte de novia/vestidos/batas de vestimentas o prendas formales alguna. Colores & estilo de representación de monitor puede variar. No se responsabiliza por errores tipográficos ni ilustrativos. No tienen la función impermeable.
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2020-10-06 06:50:52

Very well made and a good price. My dress is still in this bag. Not too heavy of a bag but give good support. Plenty of space for my poofy skirt without smooshing it.


2020-09-18 16:09:23

I'm so happy to have a garment bag that is long enough for my ball gowns. This will save me a lot of time in the long run, since I will not have to spend so much time steaming my dress before every performance. Also, it will keep my dresses a lot cleaner/\. I will probably order more when I am able - thanks!


2018-02-08 10:23:32

This was perfect for my wedding dress material stronger than I expected highly recommended breathable material



2017-07-18 04:02:10

Very nice it came fast to



2015-12-07 07:07:01

Perfect for those special gowns! Love the breathable panel.



2018-05-07 16:31:36

Ordered this with the dress and it arrived with it in excellent condition. Perfect for storing the dress.



2016-11-13 07:39:49

Great bag for my dress...not quite long enough for a floor length gown (I think it will be once I have my dress hemmed - I left it long as I did not know what kind of shoes I would get) but ok as my dress "puddles " slightly in the bottom of bag. I like that I can see what is in the bag as the one side is kind of meshy. Nice zippers. Love that it is not plastic!!


2013-10-14 20:27:46

Love it! I can show people my dress without removing it from the bag...fits my dress so I wont have wrinkles from it bunching at the bottom! def recommend to anyone buying! I will be buying them for my bridesmaid dresses too!


2013-07-20 01:32:48

I wasn't sure whether or not to order this item, but I am so pleased that I did! I really do not know how I would have stored my dress for my daughter's wedding soon without it. It is the perfect length for it, but I am not very tall so I think someone taller would find their garment bunching up a bit at the bottom.
Very good product at an extremely good price!


2013-10-31 05:50:46

Worth the price - nicely gusseted to allow for the puffiness of the skirt. Not long enough so that the bottom of my dress isn't a bit folded up but not bad at all. It was a good choice purchase for me.