Estilo clásico Longitud del vestido Funda para Ropa
Color De: Como la imagen

Estilo clásico Longitud del vestido Funda para Ropa

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Código del producto #150908
Categoría Funda para Ropa
Comprar por estilo Cubierta para Ropa
Estilo de longitud Longitud del vestido
Estilo de Cremallera Cremallera Central
Forma de Plegar Doblado
Materiales Tela no tejida
Altura 70.87inch(Aproximado 180cm)
Ancho superior 1.84in(56cm)
Debajo de ancho 2.62in(80cm)
Lado ancho 0.72in(22cm)
Devoluciones sin ningún compromiso para tallas normales en un plazo de 14 días. Las tallas personalizadas son de venta definitiva. Ver detalles


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2020-07-30 14:08:35

Esta excelente me encantó cabe mi traje de novia perfectamente.



2020-06-10 15:51:05

I was afraid my dress wasn't going to fit in the bag but it's extra big. I love the space. Nice and breatheable. Plenty of room to put my shoes in.



2020-07-17 10:43:37

I was shocked when I opened the garment bag! Not only is it made of high quality fabric.. which I thought would be more like a plastic material, it's super long and wide so even the biggest dress will fit.

2020-08-05 07:41:20

perfect size for my wedding dress


2020-08-03 19:18:00

Super nice! Perfect length - I would suggest buying a few !


2019-08-07 10:21:41

Bought this to hold my wedding dress, but was pleasantly surprised when it arrived. I thought it would only be big enough to hold the dress but it can hold everything, I have my wedding dress, underskirt, veil, tiara and jewellery in this. Another bonus was that is isn't super clear so I can hide my whole wedding outfit from the fiance.



2020-07-24 19:41:51

Good, lightweight quality. Long enough to keep the dress from bundling at the bottom.


2019-05-31 13:28:39

I had some doubts about the size of the bag because of the size of the dress but it came in perfect and the quality is good.



2020-06-25 08:17:11

I added this to my order without really thinking about it but it's perfect for transporting my wedding dress. I'll be ordering more for other dresses too as the quality is perfect and the price very reasonable


2020-05-05 19:21:39

perfect for protecting your wedding dress, it has a lot of space, you can easily store everything in here! Also you can't see the dress through the material which is great if you don't want your fiance to see before the wedding!