[Envío Gratis] Tela de Chiffon de la yarda 1/2
Color De: Rosa polvorienta

[Envío Gratis] Tela de Chiffon de la yarda 1/2


DESCUENTO DEL 70% en el envío

  • Color De:
    Rosa Canela Ciruela Sonrojo Azul Pizarra Rosa Palo Mauve Malva Clásico Azul Marino Cazador verde Verde Salvia Azul polvoriento Azul Claro Cabernet Azul marino oscuro Tormentoso Azul tinta Azul real Azul marino Azul piscina Azul cielo Niebla Lavanda Lila Dusk Glicinas Tahití Fucsia Orquídea Uva Regencia Mora Borgoña Bermellón Rojo Sandía Papaya Rosa polvorienta Coral Rosa perla Rosa claro Rosa caramelo Celadón Verde menta Turquesa Balneario Verde jade Verde pavo real Verde oscuro Narciso Naranja Taupe Champán Dorado Chocolate Blanco Marfil Plata Gris acero Negro
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2020-08-01 10:07:09

The chiffon was absolutely beautiful. It is going to make the perfect veil. I am so excited to get to match the veil to my dress perfectly. I would highly recommend purchasing any extra fabric you may need for accessories with your dress purchase to ensure that it is the right match of fabrics and colors.



2019-01-25 04:09:52

Very good quality! But i have to say, I ordered the dress and this extra piece because I want to add sleeves to my dress, and the color is not exactly the same as the dress (Claret). And advice, order the samples, they are really helpful!



2019-06-12 09:36:00

I ordered extra tulle fabric so I could add sleeves to the dress I ordered. They were kind enough to send me the same fabric so it'd look the same. Their customer service was so helpful in guiding me through the process to make sure I got the right fabric (since it wasn't on the website but something they had to contact their dressmakers for). All in all, a wonderful experience!



2018-04-21 01:23:50

Silk Fred have been amazing with all my bridmaid dress. I Needed same material to make a dress for a flower girl to match the bridmaids as I couldn’t get one same size.. the material came quickly and matched perfectly to other dresses.



2015-12-16 06:24:00

I found the staff at JJ's very helpful when I went to purchase extra fabric. They consulted with their dress makers to tell me how much to purchase. I have purchased two dresses from jj's and been very happy with both. The photo I post is of my first dress I ordered. I wore it in a wedding as the Matron of Honor.


2020-06-25 06:30:38

Yes I added short sleeves to the dress for religious reasons and it was perfect


2016-04-14 06:33:00

I ordered extra fabric to add cap sleeves to a dress I ordered. It matches the dress perfectly and will work for our project.


2016-02-10 08:29:00

I love that they give the option of extra fabric so I don't have to run around looking for the same shade and material :D


2019-07-18 02:10:22

Matched chiffon to velvet dress perfectly - got it to add sleeves


2017-04-06 02:04:00

Just what i needed to create some accessories to match my dress. Great