Señoras Especial Aleación Diademas con Rhinestone/Perla Veneciano (Se venden en una sola pieza)
Color De: Dorado

Señoras Especial Aleación Diademas con Rhinestone/Perla Veneciano (Se venden en una sola pieza)

48,00 €

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Código del producto #165741
Categoría Diademas
Ocasión Boda, Ocasiones especiales, Fiesta, Fotografía artística
Cantidad (Se venden en una sola pieza)
Materiales Aleación
Piedras Preciosas Rhinestone, Perla Veneciano
Longitud 13.78"(Aprox.35cm)
Anchura 2.36"(Aprox.6cm)
Devoluciones sin ningún compromiso para tallas normales en un plazo de 14 días. Las tallas personalizadas son de venta definitiva. Ver detalles


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2020-03-13 21:48:38

It is so pretty!! I really love it!!


2020-01-21 21:44:36

It's soft metal so you'll have to bend it according to your head shape, otherwise the design is true to picture and adds a nice touch to your hair.


2019-12-19 07:57:20

So happy with this product! High quality for low price, cant wait to wear this on my wedding day !!!


2019-05-13 07:18:51

I was warry about the quality of the product because of the price but not anymore. The product looks very nice and many people asked me where I got it. I am using it in a different way without the ribbons and I love how it looks. very versatile.



2019-03-05 13:10:06

I adored this item when I opened the box. It little loops at the end that have ribbon tied through it.. so you can use bobby pins to secure if you need to. I was so excited by the way it looked. Very happy I ordered this item for my wedding. I am seriously thinking about ordering my wedding dress from them too.


2018-10-10 04:21:18

Love the sparkle. Wish there’s a guide handy on how to wear this because I’m still struggling to put it on. Hopefully my haidresser knows how to do it.